During college I had been in love with a salad from an area restaurant. It had been usually refreshing, consistent, and filling! My greatest girlfriends and I ate it at least one time a week – it had been our favorite! I swear the waiters began to understand us by name, but that MIGHT have already been because we always took at least 10 of the free of charge lollipops they lay out in a large bucket. I have no idea why we believed free of charge meant endless supply?


Anyway buying dirty martinis along with a chopped salad with no bacon and dressing on the side was our custom.
I really do have a little tips for you: always eat food before martinis. Significantly remember that.
Therefore, what's a chopped salad in any case?
It's just a salad that includes fresh make and things that have been ‘chopped' (or simply cut up to fairly equal size), then your salad is typically tossed together. Flavors can be altered and dressing can be utilized. Chopped salads are very popular in restaurants because they make an ideal lighter meal.
I know the question you want to ask me. And the solution is definitely YES, you will look like Heidi Klum if you eat salads such as this for supper… every night… for the rest you will ever have.
No biggie.
To help make the salad I started with clean romaine hearts then I added protein: pulled chicken breast and chickpeas. The rest? Grilled lovely corn (or whatever you have readily available), fresh new grape tomato vegetables, avocado, crumbled goat parmesan cheese, and fresh chopped cilantro. After that tossed (or drizzled) with any dressing you wish. I drizzled mine with the best BBQ sauce; it was heavenly.
Seriously this salad is just GOOD. It certainly makes you feel good. Actually I'm starting to believe it also makes good stuff happen. Just last week I found $20 I never knew I had. Yesterday I produced the very best banana bread I have EVER made in my lifestyle. Today I had fashioned an amazing meeting! Oh, and I'll be traveling again soon!
In any case, I have to eat even more chopped salads. This way I can eat more wedding cake.
Prep period:
5 mins
Total time:
5 mins
1 cup pulled cooked chicken breast
1 (15.5 oz) may chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 cup grape tomatoes, chopped up in half
3/4 cup sweet corn (I grilled mine)
1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese
1/3 cup cilantro, washed and chopped
1 little avocado, diced
In a big dish add lettuce, top with all ingredients except for avocado and BBQ dressing. Toss salad lightly.
Place into cold salad bowls. Garnish with diced avocado and drizzle with BBQ dressing if desired. Serve with low-fat corn tortilla pieces.
To create vegan omit poultry and goat cheese. Add roasted diced red peppers for more flavor. You might you any dressing you prefer. Sometimes I love adding 2 teaspoons of new lemon juice and find that I don't want any dressing at all.
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
looks like successful if you ask me
Nice post!
Whoo towards the hoo for new salad quality recipes!!
p.s….We also made the brussel sprout salad you devote a Friday Favorites (the one with hazelnuts and dates)….you need to eat it. MUST.

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