The main question I ask myself is: How come losing weight so difficult? During the period of the past 12 months, I've worked out at least 5x a week, ate healthy MOST of the time and am quite active. So what gives?


Foodista | So Many Muffin Recipes!Weight reduction: 15 pounds in 5 months. Currently I still consider around 136 pounds. Also, reason the photo of me with a football glove; Tony and I were playing catch.
Ahhhh, right here we go again. The thoughts of the perfectionist. After fighting an eating disorder in college, my brain can be weirdly wired when it comes to meals and working out. Deprive, eat too much, workout – the neverending routine.
I actually left the doctor's office and made the drive back. Thoughts were racing through my mind, such as how do i lose more excess weight by the finish of the entire year and what can I trim out of my diet that I simply don't need? The attainment for perfectionism in everything noises ridiculous, I know. The doctor stated I used to be at an ideal weight for my height, so why can't I just enjoy a that? I am able to consume what I'd like in moderation rather than feel deprived, so why won't these thoughts simply go away?
I text my mother in hope for some encouragement. She congratulated me and explained how very pleased she was of me. Afterwards, I told Tony about my weight reduction and he seemed to brush it off his shoulder blades saying, I love you no real matter what." Adorable, I understand.
These words from individuals I care about were uplifting. AFTER I racked my mind for just how much pounds 15 pounds really was and peeked at photos from last March, I recognize how much more comfortable I am in my skin these days. Those pounds were a huge fat lifted off my shoulders (ha!) both physically and mentally. During that time frame, I discovered how stability my love for food and workout with my enthusiasm for nutrition. Sure there are still things I don't like about my body, but doesn't everyone possess those little insecurities? I'm wagering yes.
I actually noticed my arms, waist and hips became more toned and slimmer
It probably took me a good 5 months to get right down to 136. Of course, my supreme desire is usually to lose weight as fast as possible but that doesn't always work out to discover the best; typically I'll experience deprived and find yourself eating everything I missed from later.
First, We began analyzing my exercise habits and switched up my routine to include even more cardio, went for a lot of walks across the lake with close friends, and stuck to lifting weights only 3x weekly. I also just really pushed myself 30% of that time period. (When I state push After all hardass plyometric, cardio and lifting weights workout routines.) This helped greatly! Previously I had been doing close to the same workouts and a pal recommended that my own body might need a routine transformation. She was correct.
one of my favorite workouts – yoga exercises!
Next was my feeding on. Probably the hardest component was cutting back on sweets. No matter if something is healthful, I learned that you can still overdo it. I brought most of my snacks and lunches to work and ate salads nearly every day. I stated no to snack foods passed around any office, they were almost never worth the calorie consumption. I ate smaller meals every 2-3 hours. My dinners were saturated in protein and included healthy carbs (like sweet potatoes) and of course, veggies. Every week I would enable myself a cheat food or two which included pizza or even a big nights going out and taking in too much wines.
And… gradually, the fat came off.
These days the scale jumps along. A little up now that it's cookie period and since I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake. But general, I understand my limitations. I practice yoga 2x per week, perform cardio 2x per week and try to lift weights 2-3x per week. Each week is different though and I'm often eager to try out new fitness classes or test out new food. Best of all, I'm so happy to have great health insurance and that in itself is good enough.
I'd want to hear your weight loss stories, problems or whatever else you feel like talking about. I'm all ears and undoubtedly, I'm glad we are able to be open and non-judgmental with one another.
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It's excellent to hear your tale of finding the right balance between a like of fitness/wellness and baking, I actually share the same struggle! It's certainly challenging sometimes, and i discover that it helps to reassess my goals every month or so to find out what I could increase/decrease in my routine, or if my priorities possess shifted.
I'm currently focusing on getting over an exercise plateau with a fresh strength schedule and I am excited to start to see the outcome. I must say i enjoy dynamic cardio, bootcamps, and HIIT circuits so it is a new problem for me to put more focus into consistent weight training with less cardio! Hopefully I won't get derailed around the holidays, but if so I will simply hop back on the pain teach
you are a great role model and baker
i desire you the happiest of vacations….looking forward to the rest of the posts because of this season!
I feel SO much better when I'm on the low end from the scale, despite the fact that I know no one can easily see a difference.
Everyone says how great I look and yet I still secretly think that why can't I just lose 15 more pounds?!" No one knows I believe this because I know it's crazy. I'm a comfortable size 4-6. Extremely athletic…and however, I'm battling to feel comfortable in my own skin.
Instead of trying to lose weight I'm working on loving myself for who I am, where I am.
It seems much harder than losing 65lbs!

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